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May 02

The Shteelim Guide to Becoming an Ona’at Devarim Fixing Superhero

Step 1: Learn about אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) began our אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) with hearing a playing stories where someone is hurt with words and they receive a verbal apology.“They were walking to the snack bar at the pool. One of them is carrying an empty bowl and …

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Oct 15

Celebrating Simchat Torah

This week was very special for us in Shorashim! After an exciting week of building and decorating our sukkah, the chagim continued as we celebrated Simchat Torah together over the past few days. We got to go into the chapel together, open the ark, and take the Torah out to look at. We spent time observing the …

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Oct 06

Apology of Action in Action in Beit Nitzanim

As we come to the second-to-last week of our סליחה (slicha-forgiveness) theme, we can’t help but be impressed with the immense progress Nitzanimers have made. They started with talking about the Torah text, the Rabbis’ commentary, and their personal experiences with forgiveness. Now Nitzanimers are rehearsing the steps of the apology of action strategy, writing …

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Oct 01

Expressing Slichah through Color and Texture

In יצירתיות (yetzirah — creativity) this week, Nitzanim has continued with our סליחה (slichah — forgiveness) theme project. On יום שלישי (yom shlishi — Tuesday), kindergarters began the project, creating their own visual expressions of Slichah. They traced the letters of “סליחה” (slichah — forgiveness) onto a paper divided into three sections. In the first section of …

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Sep 29

Things We Can Do to Apologize

To cap off our סליחה (slicha-forgiveness) theme Nitzanimers have begun thinking about the strategy of “Apology of Action”. Apology of Action is a practice of doing something as a way to apologize. When a child knocks over another child’s blocks, instead of simply saying, “I’m sorry,” the child can offer to help rebuild, make an …

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Sep 26

Shofar Sounds and Dramatic Explorations of Slichah

The Nitzanimers really impressed me this week with their ability to weave together multiple different themes we’re focusing on into single skits. Almost all Nitzanim children participated in a skit at some point this week. We’ve also been talking about the difference between holding a grudge and taking revenge, rooted in reading the text of Leviticus 19:18. This …

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