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Mar 07

Quiet on set…. ACTION!

Projects and artist statements are done! We are SO READY for Family Exploration and Celebration THIS Sunday.   Soon we will celebrate the holiday, Purim!   Yesterday Anafim v’Alonim (branches” and “oak trees” for 4th and 5th grades), prepared to write our very own Purim shpiel! Well folks, you heard it here. Anafim v’Alonim is …

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Dec 15

Can I do a skit?

Child 1: Can I do a skit? Morah Sara: We have עוד עשר דקות (od eser dakot—ten more minutes). Can you do it in עשר דקות (eser dakot—ten minutes)? Child 1: Yes Morah Sara: Okay go for it! …and then she did. She gathered two friends and rehearsed a play, about text and with zero …

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Oct 01

Stop. Rewind. Replace.

When it grew dark, Lavan brought his older daughter, Leah, to Ya’akov’s tent, and Ya’akov spent the night with her. When morning came, Ya’akov was shocked to discover that he was with Leah, not Rachel. (Genesis 29:23). Ya’akov said to Lavan, “Why did you trick me? I served you for Rachel!”’ (Genesis, 29:25) We decided …

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Feb 23

Nitzanim Acts Out the Purim Story

After seven weeks of thinking deeply about Exodus, forming our own ideas, and grappling with what the early Rabbis have to say about our big questions (whew! That was a lot of brain work!), Nitzanimers are enjoying the opportunity to be silly together and act out the Purim story. The process is truly one that …

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