Passover Song and Text Learning Resources for Passover

Learn one! Learn ‘em all! We can’t wait to hear what you bring to seder this year.


PDF: Avadim Hayyinu 2 lines

(download Avadim Hayyinu audio here)


PDF: Avadim Hayyinu Full Paragraph

(download Avadim Hayyinu Full Paragraph audio here)


PDF: Ma Nishtanah

(download Ma Nishtanah audio here)


PDF: Kadesh Urchatz

(download Kadesh Urchatz audio here)


PDF: Echad Mi Yodea (download Echad Mi Yodea audio here)


PDF: Psalm 114

(download Psalm 114 audio here)


PDF: Rabban Gamliel

(download Rabban Gamliel audio here)


PDF: Kiddush for Festivals

(download Kiddush for Festivals audio here)


PDF: Ha Lachma Anya

(download audio here)


PDF: 5 Rabbis of B’nei Berak

(download audio here)