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Join us for Hebrew 1:1!

In 2022-2023, Hebrew learning at the Jewish Enrichment Center includes two components: 1) Onsite Hebrew learning; and 2) Optional Hebrew 1:1 Sessions on Zoom. This page addresses Hebrew 1:1 sessions specifically. For additional information about our onsite Hebrew curriculum and optional Hebrew 1:1 sessions, please click here.

Enrollment and Scheduling

  • Optional Hebrew 1:1 sessions are offered to children in first grade and older.
  • The enrollment period for optional Hebrew 1:1 sessions is rolling after September 1, 2022. Spots will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • During the week of September 5, 2022 children will be assigned to an educator and families will be sent a link to the educator’s calendar to schedule with them directly. Please choose a day and time for the entire year. 
  • The educator’s calendar will automatically generate a calendar invitation and Zoom link for each session in the 2022-2023 school year. 
  • 1:1 Hebrew sessions are about 20-25 minutes on Zoom. Please note that the 28 sessions are scheduled around the academic calendar of our educators, who are full-time students. 


  • For families enrolled in Sunday/afterschool: $500 for the year, which includes 28 sessions on Zoom. 
  • For families not enrolled in Sunday/afterschool: $750 for the year, which includes 28 sessions on Zoom. 

Are Hebrew 1:1 sessions right for my child?

  • First, we’d be happy to chat and offer a recommendation based on what we know about your child. We are so fortunate to know your children so well! Please feel free to reach out ( 
  • Hebrew 1:1 sessions might be a great fit for your child if… 
    • Your child is able to get on Zoom for about 20 minutes after school on a weekly basis. We know that some children’s afterschool commitments don’t make this logistically feasible. No worries! 
    • Your child is able to interact with a grown-up on Zoom and stay near the device for the entire session. 
    • Your child or your family has a particular excitement and interest in learning Hebrew.
    • Your child really benefits from 1:1 learning opportunities.

What are the benefits of enrolling in optional 1:1 Hebrew sessions?

  • Hebrew sessions are beloved by both educators and children! Children and educators love having special time to connect 1:1 and we see Hebrew learning grow by leaps and bounds as educators are able to develop individualized learning strategies. 
  • Children in first – third grade who enroll in Hebrew sessions develop mastery of Jewish life vocabulary – words that Jewish people around the world know and use. Children gain fluency with the symbols and rhythm of a Jewish year more quickly. A dedicated Hebrew session with a beloved grown-up means that a child will hear and speak Hebrew words even more often! 
  • These children often feel great confidence and pride in their Hebrew knowledge by fourth grade, giving them a stronger motivation to “crack the code” and learn to sound out Hebrew. Sometimes children’s brains switch fairly seamlessly into decoding before fourth grade. We can work with your child to begin decoding Hebrew if that’s the case. 
  • Fourth grade children enrolled in Hebrew 1:1 sessions have extra time to work on decoding, which means they’ll move through the decoding process more quickly and sound out Hebrew with greater accuracy and speed. 
  • Hebrew 1:1 sessions for fifth graders in the tefillah (prayer) curriculum offer more opportunities for children to practice Hebrew prayers. These children will have time to learn even more Jewish prayers!  

We’re here to chat! 

If you have any questions or concerns about our Hebrew program, we’d love to talk! Please reach out to Sara ( directly. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Enroll now!

As a reminder, all scheduling will take place the week of September 5.

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I'm aware that the price for Optional Hebrew 1:1 sessions is $500 for families enrolled in Sunday/afterschool and $750 for families not enrolled in Sunday/afterschool.