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Registration Form for Returning Families

Let the next extraordinary Jewish enrichment adventure begin.

We love to hear from you. Please be in touch! 708-529-5237 or admin@jewishenrichment.org

Only one form per family is necessary.


3: Registration Form for Returning Children 2021-2022
On what days of the week are you enrolling your child? Families with a nursery child may enroll for one or more days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. (Note: Mondays are full. You may email admin@jewishenrichment.org if you would like to be on the waitlist.)
But wait, there's more! In addition to two days per week of Jewish enrichment, we are now offering 1:1 Hebrew sessions in 2021-2022. Families can choose virtual or in-person Hebrew. While 1:1 Hebrew sessions are optional for nursery through second grade, they are included in the curriculum for third through fifth grade. Scheduling for 1:1 Hebrew sessions will take place in the fall. Read more about our Hebrew program here: https://jewishenrichment.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Hebrew-Program-5782.pdf. *
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