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Enrollment FAQ Regarding COVID-19


Why are we not changing the start of enrollment for next year when so much is unknown? 

  1. Families who enroll early are more likely to be able to secure their first choice of days and we want to give currently enrolled families the benefit of early enrollment before opening it up to the community.
  2. Understanding the likely enrollment for next year, both in total numbers and across age groups, is crucial in helping us make hiring decisions that have to happen now.   

Do I have to enroll now?

No, enrollment at the Jewish Enrichment Center doesn’t close. However days do fill up and we won’t be able to hold a spot for you during your preferred times. And because hiring decisions are made over the summer based on projected enrollment at that time, the number of spots available for new enrollees may be limited by fall.

What are my enrollment options?

Click here for a one page overview of each age group’s days and times. Returning families confirm onsite days for 2020-2021 starting at 9 AM on Friday, May 22. Enrollment opens for new families on Monday, June 1, at 9 AM.

What am I committing to if I enroll now?

By submitting the enrollment form, your family confirms your commitment to pay tuition and fees to the Jewish Enrichment Center for the full academic year with some exceptions noted below.

What will Jewish Enrichment Center education look like next year? 

Our expectation and hope is that we will be able to meet in person in the coming school year. If, however, it’s not safe for us to be together, then the Jewish Enrichment Center will move to a distance learning platform. Our distance learning is a robust educational and communal experience: our weekly offerings include online face-to-face gatherings and a large number of asynchronous learning opportunities, including many designed for elementary children to navigate on their own. We hope that no matter our learning platform, your family will choose to still be part of the Jewish Enrichment Center in the fall.

When will we know if we are starting in person in the fall? 

We will make every attempt to notify families as early as possible as to our plans. As soon as we know you will know.

What are my options if the plans change and we start the year online?

Stay! We know that many of you count on the Jewish Enrichment Center for afterschool childcare, and we are aware that distance learning is not a perfect replacement for childcare but we will still be offering the same amazing content online and will move to in-person learning as soon as we feel it is safe.

If staying isn’t an option, then you may withdraw your enrollment. We don’t want to see you go, but should you feel you must we understand. If you withdraw, then the following reflects your options regarding tuition:

  • Please consider converting tuition to a tax-exempt donation. This is the best way to support the Jewish Enrichment Center and keep our educators employed during these uncertain times. We are so thankful for the generosity and support our community has already shown in our time of need!
  • While the $50 registration fee is not refundable, no tuition is due until August 15th. If you enroll today and your situation changes prior to August 15th, there will no be no additional (beyond the $50 registration fee) financial obligation.

What if I want to stay but my financial situation changes?

We are aware that many of our families are facing financial shortfalls of their own during this pandemic. Please reach out so we can work together on a tuition solution. Rabbi Larry Edwards is available for a confidential conversation about finances (LLE49@comcast.net), or you may contact Rabbi Rebecca Milder (rebecca@jewishenrichment.org).

Still have questions or concerns?

Families’ lives are changing so quickly, and no one has certain answers about the future. Let’s talk. Please contact Rabbi Rebecca Milder (rebecca@jewishenrichment.org).

View the full 2020-2021 Enrollment Packet

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