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Featured Theme Projects

At the end of every theme, our children are encouraged to make a project to wrap up their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the concepts and ideas they just spent a couple of months thinking about. You can view some of these final projects here.

Bamidbar “In The Wilderness” Exploration

Bamidbar  “In the Wilderness” Exploration (Fall 2016) Shteelim   (“Saplings”- Kindergarten Children) Shteelim explored Bamidbar as the place between our old home and our new home. Early in the theme, children built their ideas about home and traveling using wooden blocks. Later, when they had more ideas about the Israelites’ experience, Shteelim used permanent markers …

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Nursery and Kindergarten Berakhah (Blessing) Theme

 “Wow! Look at this!” “Wait! I have to show you something.”   Children carry a natural capacity to see what is amazing in the world. They notice the smallest details. They want to share their discoveries. One of the earliest rabbis, Rabbi Meir, suggested a person should try to have 100 of these moments every …

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Yosef (Joseph) Third Through Fifth Grade Final Projects

Yosef  (Joseph) Theme Final Projects (Winter 2016) Anafim (“Branches”) 3rd through 5th grade children Three times a year, children design in-depth projects that let them grapple with complex ideas about Judaism and figure out what they think and believe. Here’s a snapshot of 3rd – 5th grade projects from our winter theme in 2016. Children explored …

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Protected: תֵּבָה (Teyva “Ark”) Family Exploration & Celebration Gallery

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Hallel Theme Video, Nursery – Fourth Grades

Hallel Family Exploration and Celebration (Fall 2013) During this theme, we explored Hallel as the universal impulse to thank, praise, or celebrate in moments of great joy, or relief, or gratitude. Biblical stories offered children examples of different motivations for hallel, various modes of expression of hallel, and multiple settings for hallel. We explored artists’ expressions of Hallel …

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