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Passover Song Resources 5783

In preparation for Passover, children are working to master a song or chant to bring to a Passover Seder. You can practice at home or learn a new song or chant with the resources below.

Seder Plate

Click here to practice the names of Seder plate foods in Hebrew.

Mah Nishtanah (“The Four Questions”)

PDF: Mah Nishtanah

Click here for verse by verse words, audio, and transliteration.

14 Parts of the Seder Song (Kadesh Urchatz)

PDF: Kadesh Urchatz for kids.

PDF: Kadesh Urchatz for grown-ups, with transliteration.

10 Plagues

PDF: 10 Plagues

Here’s a drawing of all ten plagues.

Ha Lachma Anya

PDF: Ha Lachma Anya

Kiddush for Pesach

PDF: Kiddush for Pesach