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A New Yedidut (Friendship) Game

This week in Nitzanim, we learned a new משחק (mischak – game). Our משחקים (mischakim – games) always have three primary goals: Physical play: we love to run around! Ivrit: it’s so easy to learn Hebrew when we’re having fun. Community building: we practice friendship skills. In this week’s new משחק, children stood in a …

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Shorashim Reviews the Year with Ivrit in Yetzirah

Shorashim has had a full year of exploration at the Jewish Enrichment Center- including tons of games and projects about the Hebrew names of body parts. During our last session as Shorashim before the Enrichment Center community exploration and picnic, the Shorashimers practiced saying יד yad (hand) and אצבעות etzbaot (fingers) in addition to drawing …

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A Year of Yetzirah Revisited

This week in Yetzirah (and in Beyt Shteelim!), the Shteelimers reviewed many of the skills, techniques and Ivrit (Hebrew) vocabulary they learned throughout the year. It’s interesting to see what they remember, how they’ve improved and how they do things differently this time around. Several Shteelim girls showed off their Ivrit (Hebrew) writing skills by painting the אותיות (otiot- …

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Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov

This week a Shteelimer lost her tooth in class (the “after photo” is featured above)! Together the whole group celebrated by singing Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov (a song for Jewish celebrations), cheering, and sharing a few stories. Throughout the year, the children at the Jewish Enrichment Center have grown in their Jewish knowledge, hebrew skills, …

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A Way Cool Conversation

Way cool because wow, these children are becoming the kind of people who think, and who care. We FINALLY read another part of David’s story, which the children had been begging to hear. We read the story of David and Golyat (maybe you know his name as Goliath, and by the way, the text says he was …

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Ivrit Throughout the Year (and On the Wall)

As we begin to review (and celebrate!) all the children have learned and achieved this year, it’s amazing to see how many words they’ve learned formally and informally, by being in the Jewish Enrichment Center. Shteelim has begun to count all the words we’ve learned together. We placed an אות ot (letter) on the wall and …

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A “Puzzling” Challenge

This past week, the Shteelimers were given new puzzles to explore Hebrew letters. When the children saw that both puzzles could be figured out by arranging the Aleph Beit in order, they got to work! The strategies they used were all cooperative and mostly carried out without any guiding hints from the morot (educators). This …

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שלום חברים (Shalom Chaverim!)

I just had to post this! When I asked a Shteelimer boy to show me the hand motions to his favorite song we sing at שירה תפלה (Shirah/Tefillah)… He asked “Why can’t I just sing it to you?!” Before I could answer, he began… (click on the link below) Shalom Chaverim      

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This week all of NItzanim’s hard work came to a head when they were finally ready to film with props, sets and puppets in hand! A quick writing activity helped them sort out which puppets they need for the scene: עצוב (ah-tzuv, sad) David or שמח (sah-may-ach, happy) David; angry or calm Melech Shaul… Here a group …

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This week, Nitzanim filmed our show about David and Yonatan. (Oh, my!) We assembled the sets, using shrinky-dink props and shoebox sets we’d made in yetzirah. We showed each other our puppet scenes to get feedback from fellow Nitzanimers. We read our scenes out loud again using the storybook we made, to recall details from …

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