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Feb 17

Welcome to Mosaics!

This Special Day Monday, we visited ancient Greek architecture! Specifically, we looked at ancient Jewish mosaics and ruins. Throughout our space, we made our own individual mosaics with many different kinds of materials. Glass beads: Paper and Crayons:  Legumes and Glue:   Goodbye Greece, Yosef we’re coming back!  

Jan 18

A Special Day in India

Special Days are full days of Jewish Enrichment where we get to spend the whole day playing and discovering with materials that captivate us! This year, we’re traveling around the world with Jewish folktales. At each Special Day we choose a folktale and country to explore and we find out about different ways to be …

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Nov 10

Our Jewish Heroes

Special Day at the Jewish Enrichment Center in 5775 are all about Our Jewish Heroes. We have LOTS of Jewish heroes–the list I have for future days is much longer than the few days we have left this year. So far, we’ve met three heroes: Emma Lazarus, a Jewish woman who wrote the poem on …

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