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Oct 30

Watercolors for Slichah (Forgiveness)

This week we installed Nitzanim’s Yetzirah (art/creativity) project from our last theme, Slichah (forgiveness).  During this theme exploration, Nitzanimers participated in several conversations about giving an apology.  We delved into what Slichah meant for each of us as well as to our community as a whole.  We talked about different ways to say you’re sorry, including apology …

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Oct 19

Finishing Slicha

Anafim closed out our first theme, Slicha (forgiveness), with a bang. On Tuesday, our last two groups  finally performed the skits they had been working on so diligently for three weeks. Each group was presented with a different scenario–a moment really–that might require saying סליחה (slicha, sorry). Our third graders responded to “A group of …

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Oct 15

Celebrating Simchat Torah

This week was very special for us in Shorashim! After an exciting week of building and decorating our sukkah, the chagim continued as we celebrated Simchat Torah together over the past few days. We got to go into the chapel together, open the ark, and take the Torah out to look at. We spent time observing the …

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Oct 13

The Ivrit Challenge is On

When Nitzanimers are not discussing apology of action or creating three-part art installations in יצירה (yetzirah—art), they’ve been busy mastering Ivrit challenges. We started out the year introducing (or reintroducing) children to their שמות (shemot—names) in Ivrit. Children have demonstrated that they can write their שמות (shemot—names), and many are even choosing to write their …

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Oct 11

Learning to Chant

יום רביעי (yom revi’i; Wednesday) is a special day in Beit Anafim. On יום רביעי (yom revi’i; Wednesday) we have two children! Both have been at the Enrichment Center since day-one and both come two other days during the week. For this reason, we break from our usual theme and routine and do something special. Three weeks ago, …

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Oct 08

Creating our Sukkah in Shorashim

This week was pretty special for us in Shorashim! Because the chag of Sukkot is starting tonight at sundown, we got to build our own Sukkah in Beit Shorashim that will stay up through the end of the holiday next week. Monday, the structure of our sukkah was delivered to our room and we got to …

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Oct 06

Apology of Action in Action in Beit Nitzanim

As we come to the second-to-last week of our סליחה (slicha-forgiveness) theme, we can’t help but be impressed with the immense progress Nitzanimers have made. They started with talking about the Torah text, the Rabbis’ commentary, and their personal experiences with forgiveness. Now Nitzanimers are rehearsing the steps of the apology of action strategy, writing …

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Oct 03

Saying Slicha [Sorry], from the eyes of Anafim [3rd, 4th, and 5th grade]

Anafim [3rd, 4th, and 5th grade] has been exploring what if feels like and sounds like to say סליחה (slicha; sorry), and why we might need it in our community. They all seem to concur as to the fact that it helps us to “not become enemies and stay good friends” (in the words of …

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Oct 01

Using Kind Words in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we learned that in addition to the shofar reminding us to try new things, it also reminds us to use kind words. We had all sorts of ideas about what this meant. We shared with each other what kind words and actions we could use with our chaverim in Shorashim. One …

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Oct 01

Expressing Slichah through Color and Texture

In יצירתיות (yetzirah — creativity) this week, Nitzanim has continued with our סליחה (slichah — forgiveness) theme project. On יום שלישי (yom shlishi — Tuesday), kindergarters began the project, creating their own visual expressions of Slichah. They traced the letters of “סליחה” (slichah — forgiveness) onto a paper divided into three sections. In the first section of …

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