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May 18

Mezzuzot in Shalom Chaverim

There were lots of different ways for children to continue exploring mezuzzot in Shalom Chaverim this week. We made special houses for the shema using Legos. We are also building a foundational understanding of Hebrew letters as we look for the letter “shin” on every Mezuzzah we find, and even make our own versions of …

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May 31

Culminating Project in Yetzirah

Both Shorashim and Nitzanim have been working on panels for their group quilts. These quilts have not only been a review of the main themes they have learned this year (Sukkot, Breishit, Shema, Pesach, and Tzedakah VaChessed), but a culminating project to be displayed in a public space over the summer. Shorashim children have been …

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May 03

Nitzanim Revisits This Year’s Themes

This week in Nitzanim… (click above for a video of our work!) In preparation for our final huge Yetzirah project of the year, Nitzanim spent a few days revisiting this year’s themes – Sukkot, Breishit, and Shema. We revisited through the lens of Tzedakah VaChessed. Nitzanimers received play כסף (kesef-money) to spend on playing and …

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Mar 24

Hanging A מזוזה (Mezuzah)

In the שמע (Shema – Deuteronomy 6:4-9) we read: “And you should inscribe them on the doorposts of your houses and upon your gates.” As part of our שמע (Shema) exploration, Shorashim and Nitzanim children decorated the case of a מזוזה (mezuzah) and wrote the שמע (Shema) on a “parchment” that’s rolled inside. Here are some of the ins and …

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Feb 28

Finishing Our Mezuzot

This week, we FINALLY wrote our own שמע to go inside a mezuzah. We’ve worked so hard on recognizing and writing Hebrew letters. We’ve worked so hard on our שמע research (and it remains a favorite activity – one child asked today if we could go into the Chapel and do more research!). Today, we wrote the שמע.   …

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Feb 26

Otiyot Chayot: Making Hebrew Letters with our Body

Otiyot “Chayot “* אותיות חיות “Living”   Letters In Nitzanim we have been making an Alef Bet out of our bodies. We are putting this Alef Bet up above the Hebrew luach (board) right next to the door in Beit Nitzanim. The children learn the letters through moving their bodies. Physical activity is an effective and …

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Feb 26

Stamping Jewish Holidays on Our Shema Pillowcases

FIRST: Design a Jewish holiday stamp. (Review Jewish holidays and related objects.) See earlier blog post – we also learned about positive and negative space.   SECOND: Sketch holiday objects on stickers. (Review Jewish holidays and related objects.) Place stickers on pillowcases in a circle (like the cycle of the year). We’ll use the stickers to …

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Feb 22

Delving Further into the Aleph-bet with Shorashim

This week at the Jewish Enrichment Center was full of wonderful experiences with the Hebrew alphabet in Beit Shorashim. The Shorashim learners played Hebrew letter bingo, matched pairs of Hebrew letter flashcards, experimented with Hebrew letter stencils and stickers, and even attempted to write their whole names in Hebrew. One Shorashim student, when visiting Beit …

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Feb 21

Exploring Hebrew Script Letters in Nitzanim

It’s become a thing.  Some of the Nitzanim children want to learn to write Hebrew using script letters. Block letters – the way Hebrew looks in print – had served this set of children well enough until a week or two ago, but now, only script will do. (Script lets you write Hebrew fast, but the …

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Feb 20

Using Our Knowledge of the Shema to Learn Hebrew

We’ve been singing the Shema together since September. We know most of the words pretty well. We even know what some of the words mean, since we have hand motions. Now we’re using our knowledge of the words of the Shema to help us learn Hebrew. Using homemade flashcards, we put the words of the first …

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