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Hunting for more

This week we have been filling up our Torah wall! We are all the way down to Ba’midbar (Numbers), which means we’ve heard stories from Bereshit, Shmot, Va’yicrá, and Ba’midbar. Some children consider the Yosef story to be the best!, others really like the Pesach story, or the new donkey story. We have been hunting …

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Pastel Powder Power

For Shorashim and Shteelim’s new theme ספר (Sefer – book), we are designing a life sized תורה (Torah) with dividers for each of the five books. Each book of the Torah has a title at the top, which the children have stenciled out in pairs. On Wednesday & Thursday the children used chalk pastel to …

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Sefer (Book) is our new theme!

Leaving Pesach behind, it is time to look into what makes our Judaism rich and intriguing. We are looking into the special Jewish books where all the stories and prayers are found. The Torah is one of the most popular amongst the children, but we are starting to know the Chumash (Torah in book form), …

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