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Seeing our Growth

Today, I had the following conversation at the end of the day with one Anafimer (3rd-4th grader). She’s one of our two Anafimers who, back in November, decided they wanted to learn to chant Torah. I said, “wow, you guys worked SUPER hard today–you each learned a whole pasuk (sentence) AND we did a bunch of review”. …

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Nitzanim Makes Music Pt. 2

This week in Nitzanim, kindergarteners made their own music to explore the story of Ya’akov’s dream. During כבוד (kibud — snack) recently, we’ve had several conversations about how Ya’akov feels at various points — when he is traveling in the desert toward Charan, when he is having the amazing dream of the ladder, when he wakes up …

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Nitzanim Dance like Daniel and Darius

As we continue to explore the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Nitzanimers have begun to connect the story to our הַלֵל (hallel) theme through movement and dance! In kindergarten, we have spent time over the past week discussing the way we think Daniel feels when he is released from the lion’s den and what he might want …

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שלום חברים (Shalom Chaverim!)

I just had to post this! When I asked a Shteelimer boy to show me the hand motions to his favorite song we sing at שירה תפלה (Shirah/Tefillah)… He asked “Why can’t I just sing it to you?!” Before I could answer, he began… (click on the link below) Shalom Chaverim      

Shirah/Tefillah Music

Lots of parents have been asking where they can get copies of the music we sing at Shirah/Tefillah (Singing/Prayer). Clearly, we’ll have to make our own recordings one year. Until then, here are a few CDs I’d recommend for your cars and ipods. The titles are links to where you can buy them. Let us …

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Let the Heavens

Sing along!  

Mah Nishtanah – Four Passover Questions

Mah Nishtanah – mp3 – click to sing along! (Right-click to open in a separate window so you can still see the words.)     For transliteration and singing line-by-line, click here.    

Watch Us Sing “The Tree Song” at Musika!

We Shake It At Musika!!

Erev/Boker Song

Sing along! Song title: Hiney Tov M’od (music by Gordon Lustig). Here’s a link to the mp3. Album: American Jewish Summer: Songs of the Jewish Youth Camping Movement