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Shorashim Knows Their Tsvaim (Colors)!

Shorashim has been putting a focus on their צבעים (tsvaim – colors) vocabulary this past week through a new מִשְׂחָק (mischak – game) we’ve been playing.  It is called ארבעה צבעים (arbah tsvaim – four colors), and is essentially one giant sorting game!  Who knew that we could work our gross motor and cognitive skills all at the same time?! …

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“Mar’ah” in Shorashim-Shteelim

This week we started playing מראה (Mar’ah – Mirror). In a space where we let out our energies and let our גוף (Guf – Body) loose, we also learn to be controlling of our גוף (Guf – Body) and to be attentive of others’ גוף (Guf – Body). While the rest of the class served as a respectful audience and …

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Aleph Bet Adventures

In our first week of camp, we are paying special attention to our Ivrit שמות (shemot — names) and how special they are.   In order to be able to write our שמות (shemot — names), we have to practice writing our otiot (letters). This morning, we played aleph bet matching games with muffin tins …

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