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Sep 05

Making Connections At Camp

  During camp this summer, at the Jewish Enrichment Center, nursery-1st grade children made connections to each other and the world around us! During our first week we explored social stories though dramatic play, building, art and cooking. For our purposes, social stories are, “stories about take care of each other at the Jewish Enrichment …

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Sep 01

I’d Go Anywhere With You

Four full-day field trips, and oh, my! you amaze me. You navigated yourselves through downtown Chicago Organized yourselves to wait patiently Stuck together (and ate) in the rain and wind and wet grass, wherever we were and without complaint And shouted out your joy in being together and everything you’d accomplished. You’re kids who can go wherever your dreams …

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Sep 01

That Moment

You know that moment when the children grow still, and they’re so intensely focused? The Chagall works that we saw this week did that to the children. Every time, after an initial rush to explore and take it all in, they sat transfixed, amazed, quiet. For a half an hour or longer. And I sat, too, …

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Aug 28

Jewish Architecture Week

Jewish Enrichment Camp was a blast! As children shared the projects they’d worked on all week, one child took the iPad and made a video of the projects and the great feeling of accomplishment in the room. So cool! Another child – a third grader! – wrote an introduction for visitors to all of the projects. …

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Mar 30

Jewish Enrichment Center Camp: Matza Madness!

Five full days in a row at the Jewish Enrichment Center always leads to something new and special, and this past week was no different. Each day this past week was centered around one of the four names of passover: חג המצות (Chag haMatzot- Matzah Holiday) , חג האביב(Chag Heaviv – Spring Holiday) , זמן חרותינו, (Zeman Cheruteinu – Time …

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Aug 27

Continuing to Explore our Special Shemot (Names)

Today at camp, we continued the exploration of our שמות (Shemot-names)  and looking closely at the different אותיות (Otiot-letters) in the Aleph Bet. We started our morning putting together Aleph Bet puzzles and Morah Chana lead us in a Yetzirah project where we made the special אותיות (Otiot-letters) in our שמ (Shem-name) out of glue and food coloring. …

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Aug 26

Aleph Bet Adventures

In our first week of camp, we are paying special attention to our Ivrit שמות (shemot — names) and how special they are.   In order to be able to write our שמות (shemot — names), we have to practice writing our otiot (letters). This morning, we played aleph bet matching games with muffin tins …

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Aug 25

A Fantastic First Day at Jewish Enrichment Camp

We had a wonderful first day at Jewish Enrichment Camp! Our combined Shorashim and Nitzanim קבוצה (kevutzah—group) is learning about עברית (Ivrit—Hebrew) שמות (shemot—names) and the special אותיות (otiot—letters) that begin our שמות (shemot—names). We spent the day immersed in aleph bet. From aleph bet עוגיות (ugiot—cookies) to shrinky dink שם (shem—name) bracelets to puzzles and …

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Aug 30

Symbols for Rosh Hashanah

Anafim is really getting ready for Rosh Hashana. We have also been exploring the Rosh Hashanah seder as practiced by different Jewish communities around the world. We looked at the portion of the Talmud that suggests eating symbolic foods at the start of the new year. We then came up with ideas for why the …

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Aug 29

What is Responsible Action? Anafimers Explore

Our Anafim-ers have really embraced our role as the oldest children at the Jewish Enrichment Center. We are all older siblings and we have spent time this week thinking about responsibility as we care for our younger siblings here. We have wrestled with whether Jonah acted responsibly in the story of Jonah and the big …

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