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Jun 12

HaSefer Sheli (My Book)

At some point this past week your child(ren) probably brought home a whole mess of totally awesome stuff they created at the Jewish Enrichment Center over the past year. One of them most definitely was their HaSefer Sheli. They completed this book in Yetzirah to review all those great things they learned and remember fun …

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May 21

Stained Glass… Again!

Did you know there are so many different ways to replicate the look of stained glass?! This week Nitzanim did yet another version of stained glass using water color and tape! First they drew a basic Torah shape, like a rectangle with two lines at the top and bottom for etzem. Then they covered that …

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May 15

Ha Safair Sheli הספר שלי (My Book)

As the Jewish Enrichment Center comes to its last month of 5774, in Yetzirah all of the children are reflecting and showing off what they’ve learned! They have started making some what of a memory book that they are calling הספר שלי (Ha Sefair Sheli, My Book). In this book we will revisit each theme (from Rivkah, to Beit …

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Apr 30

Our Weaving is Growing!

Our weaving is getting bigger and bigger! We work on it beyachad (together) in pairs and we’ve been working on it a lotttt this week. Soon, our weaving will be finished and it will turn into a parochet (curtain or screen that covers the Aron Kodesh or Torah Ark).

Apr 10

All Those Projects

Hey parents! Here is a guide to that pile of masterpieces you took home this week from your budding artists. All children brought home a matzah cover dyed and stamped with natural dye. This means food and spices were used to color these beauties! (You might even still smell the tumeric or coffee on them!) …

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Mar 20

Translating Big Ideas

After the incredible excitement of Purim (our Anafimers who read Megilla did a fabulous job!), Anafim needed to get right back in the game. We had a special celebration on Monday and then, in a mad dash, we finished up our Beit Knesset projects throughout the week. Ill wait to unveil photos and other media …

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Mar 19

Nitzanim Adds Color to their Clay Creations

This week Nitzanim finished their final Beit Knesset project. And for those who chose to sculpt an object out of model magic, it was time to add color! It was exciting to see their process! I was expecting realistic depictions of ancient Torahs and silver yads (pointer for reading Torah). Instead, color was splashing everywhere! …

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Mar 13

Shorashim Makes Some Noise for Purim!

This week Shorashim continued our Purim explorations with more reading of the “megillah,” singing songs with our puppets…   …castle building…   …and sharing “hamantaschen” with our friends.   We also did some new Purim explorations!  We made מסכות (masechot – masks) …   …and of course some groggers!  We decorated plates, filled them with beans, …

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Mar 13

Progress on final projects

  Our final project is moving forward. We started by imagining a beit knesset space that reflected the Anafimers’ ideas about how they felt inside a beit knesset. To visually represent those feelings we painted the walls of our beit knesset with colors depicting our feelings, mixing colors and shading to show intensity of emotion, as …

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Mar 13

Pen Pals’ Big Reveal!

It’s been a BIG week in Nitzanim. We haven’t stopped celebrating Purim, we’re working on our big Yetzirah projects and, at last, we’re meeting our Pen Pals! Our יום ראשון [Yom Rishon, Sunday] and יום רביעי [Yom Revi’i, Wednesday] children had special, surprise visitors come. (Each day has their own Pen Pal.) Our first visitor was Rabbi …

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