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Finishing our Year Together in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we ended our year by reflecting on all of our hard work through revisiting hebrew challenges, getting to play silly משחקים (Mischakim-games) outside, and doing one final baking project. We also got to look through our end of the year book together now that it is complete and share with our friends …

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Concluding Our Year Together

This week to continue creating our book, children designed their individual pages and shared them with each other and we finished all of our theme and holiday pages together. It has been incredible to watch the community children are walking out with as our year ends and the excitement children have to share their work …

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Revisiting Explorations and Starting Our Final Project

Last week, we began our end of the year project in Beit Shorashim and we are well underway! We have decided to make a book that every child will get to take home with them to remember our year together. This book will include pages that are both designed by our whole community with our …

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Welcoming New Friends

This week, we had a special visit in Shorashim and invited our friends from Shalom Chaverim (infants through 36 months) who will be joining us next year to come explore our space. Many of them have not been in our room before so we wanted to introduce ourselves and show them some of our favorite things to do …

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Diving Deeper into Hefker

This week Shorashimers continued thinking about the idea of הפקר (Hefker- ownerless) together. Before continuing to play in our farming space, children began mapping out what they imagined the field would look like in preparation for and during the שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year. This process led children to think deeper about what their play would look …

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Shorashim Begins to Think About הפקר (Hefker)

As the year starts to wind down, Shorashimers have grown so much throughout each of our themes this year. This week, they have moved into thinking about the idea of הפקר (Hefker-ownerless) in regards to the שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year. We moved into הפקר (Hefker-ownerless) earlier than expected because children really seemed to have grasped the …

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Shorashim Prepares the Land for שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

This week, some Shorashimers got to leave the Jewish Enrichment Center to take a field trip to a real garden in Chicago that is observing שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release). We saw some of the Perennial plants they had in their garden and heard about why they decided to and how they observe שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release). This was such a special time …

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Resting the Land and Our Bodies

This week as Shorashimers became more familiar with the basic ideas of farming, we shifted our focus to the idea of rest during the שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release) year. We have had a lot of questions about why the land needs a rest and how we can prepare for this rest during the שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release) year. To …

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Beginning our new theme: שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

This week, Shorashimers began learning about our new theme together. We began the week by sharing any ideas we knew about farming with each other and then read a story to learn more about שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release). We learned that שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release) occurs every seven years, and during the שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release) year all agricultural activity stops and the land has …

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Getting Ready for Seder

After a few weeks away from each other, it was so nice to be back together as a community this week. With פסח (Pesach-Passover) just a few days away, there was a lot to do in Shorashim to get ready. During משחקים (Mischakim-games) we made sure we really remembered the items on the Seder plate …

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