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Sep 29

New in the New Year

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend less than ten minutes making playdoh with a few fourth and fifth grade children. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these particular children well for many years. Just in the ordinary task of making playdoh, it struck me how different each child is this year. Here was a …

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Sep 12

שׁוֹפָר (Shofar) Discovery

Oh how I love exploring the שׁוֹפָר (shofar) with young children! Morah Sara: What’s the same and different about these שׁוֹפָרוֹת (shofarot, plural of “shofar”)? Child 1: They’re both swirly! Child 2: They’re different colors. Morah Sara: Have you tried smelling the שׁוֹפָר (shofar)? Child 1: Why does it smell like that? Morah Sara: Hmm… …

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Sep 05

Celebrating together

After a long summer where we missed your children, it was so wonderful to be back with them for an incredible two weeks of August Camp. (Find out more about August Camp and Special Days, our full days of Jewish Enrichment!) While I do love many of the parts of August Camp, going on field …

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May 09


I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the children in Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st-2nd) over the last week. Children have been building scenes to explore ideas about sh’mitah (“release,” the agricultural sabbatical year). Each pair of children has a building tray with different sets of loose materials such as corks, glass gems, and metal …

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Jan 26

Bedtime שְׁמַע Shema

Children in Shorashim (“Roots” for nursery) and Shteelim (“Saplings” for kindergarten) are excited to tell you that they know about THREE times that Jewish people might say the shema: morning, evening, and at bedtime. This whole week, we’ve been playing lots of bedtime shema. First, we needed to make a bedtime scene for our dramatic …

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Nov 18


Dear Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for 3rd-4th grades and “Oak Trees” for 5th grade), You are amazing. You showed us this week how naturally you collaborate with your peers, how well you know yourselves and the way that you like to express your ideas, how much you value togetherness, how creative and focused you are, your …

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Oct 13

Digging Deeper

We’re in the second week of our new theme, Avraham v’Lot (Abraham and Lot) and children of all ages are excitedly digging deeper into our text from Genesis 13. (Click here for 1st-5th grade version. Click here for nursery and kindergarten version). Children in Shteelim (“Saplings” for kindergarten) worked together to share ideas about why …

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Oct 01

Sukkat Shalom

Have your third, fourth, and fifth graders been talking about the amazing Sukkat Shalom (shelter of peace) that they designed? As part of our beginning of the year community building in Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for third and fourth grades and “Oak Trees” for fifth grade) and in connection with the Sukkot (Booths) holiday, children explored …

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Sep 10

A sweet start to the new year

Shanah tovah u’metukah! (A happy and sweet new year)! I can’t think of a sweeter way to start the new Jewish year than by having children onsite for our FIRST in-person afterschool session since March 2020! One third grader looked around with eyes open wide and called the building, “the new old building.” How sweet …

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Jun 08

לְהִתְרָאוֹת (L’hitraot — See you later)

We’ve come to the final week of our year together, and in Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grades) we’re spending it telling each other warm fuzzies and playing games that make us laugh. It’s been the weirdest year ever, but these tremendous children have shown up week after week ready to care for each other, be …

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