Arazim “Cedars” Poll

Arazim "Cedars" Poll
Which of these sessions works best for your family (select all applicable)? *
I'd like my child to at dinner at the Jewish Enrichment Center. We estimate the cost of dinner to be $10 - $12 per session.
My child is interested in attending the optional weekly Workshop from 2 - 3PM on Wednesdays. If Wednesday afternoons do not work for your family, please list other time options that would work for your family.
Workshop offers Jewish Enrichment Center kids a chance to choose their own topics and projects. As skilled, close readers of Jewish text, and veteran project kids, they know how to consider multiple interpretations, develop their own understanding of a text, and show their ideas through a multi-stage project. Workshop is an excellent way to integrate children’s Jewish Enrichment Center learning with a kid’s B-Mitzvah text readings. Examples of projects include: visual exploration of a child’s B-Mitzvah portion; designing a community-wide celebration for a Jewish holiday; researching an archeological find from ancient Israel and leading a talk about the find in the community.
My child is interested in applying for the optional Madrichim (leadership) program which teaches skills for leadership and working with younger children. Madrichim sign up for a specific day by quarter.
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