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Who’s in our Community

Our community is made up of many different kinds of families. What we share is a commitment to supporting our children’s learning, growth, and joyful and empowered Jewish identities. We celebrate the unique backgrounds, stories, and perspectives of each family in our program, and we know that each member of a child’s family is an essential part of that child’s growth, learning, and identity. As a part of our community, you can expect to be welcomed and honored for who you are.

Currently, our enrolled families have one or two parents; one or two Jewish parents; some, all, or no Jewish grandparents. Some families are affiliated with a temple or synagogue; some are not. Some families have inherited traditions like Shabbat dinner, holiday rituals, or participation in social activism; some families are creating new Jewish traditions and practices together; some families are unsure or still deciding what kind of Jewish identity and practice feel right to them. Some families talk about not believing in God; some families talk about believing in God; some families don’t talk about God at all. Some families know and use Hebrew words together; some families do not use any Hebrew. If you are raising a child to be Jewish but are wondering whether you or your family are “Jewish enough” to belong here, the answer is “yes!” Please give us a call! We’d love to meet you.

The choices each family has made in defining and creating their Jewish life are rooted in the knowledge and experiences that each family holds, and are a valid and important part of the wide spectrum of Jewish community as we envision it. As with our curriculum for children, we provide opportunities for family exploration, discovery, and reflection, driven by the interests and desires of the families themselves.