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Mission and Values

The Jewish Enrichment Center is pioneering a progressive model of Jewish community and learning for children and families, rooted in empathy, text study, and creative expression.


  • כבוד   KAVOD {Dignity} : The Jewish Enrichment Center believes children are capable, imaginative, and desire connection with each other and the world. Our educational approach makes it possible for a child to be a co-creator of Judaism, defining their own relationship with Judaism grounded in their individuality and family values, shaped by peers and Jewish tradition.
  • קהילה   KEHILLAH {Community} : The Jewish Enrichment Center fosters children’s empathy by teaching skills and language for collaboration, respectful disagreement, and problem-solving.
  • סקרנות   SAKRANUT {Curiosity} : The Jewish Enrichment Center taps into children’s natural desire to explore. Investigative play teaches children skills for observation, interpretation, for considering alternative perspectives, and critical thinking.
  • שותפות   SHUTAFUT {Partnership} : The Jewish Enrichment Center supports families in designing Jewish life consonant with their family values, and partners with local Jewish organizations to strengthen Jewish community.
  • גיוון GIVUN (Diversity):  Appreciates and respects multiple approaches to Jewish life and inclusion. Our diversity challenges us to see Jewish text and each other in more nuanced ways