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About the Jewish Enrichment Center

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, children become storytellers of the Jewish past and future.

They draw from a continuous exploration of traditional Jewish texts and ideas, from their observations of the values of their communities, and from their personal experiences and intuitions. Their storytelling languages are the multi-media “hundred languages of children” of the Reggio-Emilia pedagogical model. Finally, a community rooted in deep empathy, trust, and responsibility instils in each child the knowledge that their own Jewish stories– and human voices– are authentic, meaningful, and deserving of respect.

The curriculum is developed in partnership with the children, in eight- to twelve-week thematic arcs. Each theme integrates core Jewish texts, Hebrew, arts, and social-emotional learning in a project-based format. On a joyful Sunday morning gathering at the end of each theme, children proudly lead their families through a floor-to-ceiling installation, explaining their projects and the big ideas they explored.

It’s bigger than us.

Originally founded to meet a need for high-quality, inclusive after-school Jewish education in Hyde Park, Chicago, the Enrichment Center has grown into a nationally-recognized pioneer in the field of Sunday and after-school Jewish education. Educators from around the country visit the Enrichment Center to learn about our unique curriculum and philosophies, and to participate in professional development workshops. We aim to share our transformative educational approach as widely as possible so more families and children can experience this kind of Jewish learning. Learn more with us here.