A bit of Natural Inspiration

In שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten) we have started to work on our design for the curtain for our community’s אָרוֹן (aron- ark)!

In preparation for starting our work, we went outside to do color and texture matching in nature. We brought fabric swatches with us and when we found a match we took photos, this way we could keep track of the natural materials that matched the swatches.

Starting to look for matches.
I found a match! It looks and feels just like this stick!
It’s the same צֶבַע (tzevah- color)!

After doing some careful color matching, it was time to do some painting, based on what we saw outside. This time we focused on יָרוֹק (yarok- green). We really love using pipettes to paint!

We tried to be more intentional with our pipettes, letting only a little paint out at a time. Our painting was vey joyful and focused.
We also tried layering different shades.

I can’t wait for the next part of our project, which we’ll be working on next time!

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