Chanukah Celebrations!

This week, the children of the Jewish Enrichment Center got to join together for early chanukah celebrations. For these kinds of holiday celebrations, we have יְדִידִים (yedidim-buddies) from other age groups. These children really know how to take care of each other!

These children have just completed their task to assemble all of the נֵרוֹת (neirot-candles) in the חֲנוּכִּייָה (chanukah menorah) and say the בְּרָכוֹת (brachot-blessings). You should have heard how they cheered each other on!

This group of three are helping each other decorate סְבִיבוֹנִים (sevivionim-dreidels) and חֲנֻכִּיָוֹת (Chanukiyot– Chanukah Menorot).

An older child offers a tip for how to spread the icing on chanukah cookies!

Happy Chanukah, Jewish Enrichment Center!

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