Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah

We’re getting ready for Chanukah in Shalom Chaverim! As always, children in Shalom Chaverim explore the Jewish holidays in ways that are just right for their development. That means our older and younger friends often play in different ways!

Our younger friends, who explore everything with their mouths, did lots of mouthing to find out more about our Chanukah symbols.

Like the sevivon (dreidel)

and nerot (candles).

Our older friend did lots of counting. She counted how many nerot (candles) fit into the chanukiyyah (Chanukah menorah), and she counted how long it took for the sevivon (dreidel) to fall over.

And we all got a chance to paint Chanukah cards! Younger friends rolled a marble around inside of a bag so that they couldn’t swallow it, while our older friend rolled her marble on the tray.

What a fun start to Chanukah! I can’t wait to see how we’ll keep exploring!

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