Torah, Torah, Torah

To conclude our exploration of the fall chagim (holidays), children in Shalom Chaverim (“Welcome, Friends!”) explored Simchat Torah. (Check out this article to learn more about Simchat Torah).

This friend pulled himself all the way up to stand at the sticky paper and put foam Torahs onto the wall. He enjoyed the feel of foam so much that he tried it in his mouth and brought the Torahs with him all around the room!

Playdoh was a big hit for an older friend. She engaged her core muscles to shape and mold the playdoh, flattening, rolling, and cutting. On the popsicle sticks are pictures of Torahs, breast plates, and yadayim (plural: “hands,” the pointer for reading a Torah).

Look what you found! These special Torah items made twinkling sounds that made this younger friend smile and giggle.

After our exploration, we all decorated degalim (flags) with stickers and went on a Torah parade!

What a joyous exploration of Simchat Torah!

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