Alef us are learning!

The children in Nitzanim v’Anafim (“Buds” for 1st and 2nd grades and “Branches” for 3rd grade) came into this year ready to learn more Hebrew! There is a such a beautiful range of Hebrew knowledge in our kevutzah (group). Children are working on building all sorts of different Hebrew skills – from getting to know the Hebrew alphabet to working on Rosh Hashanah vocabulary!

This child is working on recognizing the shapes of Hebrew letters by putting our beautiful alefbet rocks in alphabetical order!
These children are working together to match the right berakha (blessing) to each food we’ll eat for kibud (snack) that day!
These children are leading the whole kevutzah (group) in singing the alef-bet! Soon we’ll start practicing not just the names of the letters, but the sounds they make, too!

With such a wide range of skills, children are able to ask each other for help when they encounter Hebrew challenges. When they play Hebrew games together, you can hear them supporting each other’s learning by giving gentle hints (“It starts with a sh-sh-shin“) or making exciting connections (“Hey! My shem also has an alef in it!”). It is so special to learn in community!

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