We are kind!

It’s the first week of sessions and the children in Nitzanim v’Anafim (“Buds” for 1st and 2nd grades and “Branches” for 3rd grade) already know so much about how to be kind and caring towards each other.

These children carefully guided each other through a blindfolded Rosh Hashanah obstacle course they built together. They laughed together when they missed a step and cheered for each other when they made it all the way through!
These children turned to each other for help reading what was on their clipboards. They used kind, encouraging words, celebrated when they figured it out, and thanked each other for their help!

When we accept and celebrate that everyone in our community has different skills and challenges, we make our community stronger! And these children, whether interacting for the first time or the 100th time, have already done so much to show that they are capable of that.

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