Apr 19

Creating in community

It’s Pesach (Passover)! This week, we get to spend all week celebrating, playing, and creating as a whole Enrichment Center. It’s a lovely way to make the week feel special, and to continue to strengthen our community across age groups.

One of the projects children are working on this week is creating the pieces that will soon become our Omer calendar. Each year, we count the days between the second day of Pesach and the holiday of Shavuot, which amounts to 7 weeks. Also each year, we create a community Omer calendar to help us keep track of which day of the Omer it is and to notice how close we are getting to Shavuot. Something I love about the Omer calendar is the way it can visually carry us through spring.

This year, the Omer calendar will be made up of circles. During this week of Pesach, children of all ages at the Enrichment Center get to design these circles. As we count the Omer, we will remove a circle each day to reveal the number underneath.

Yesterday was the first day we tried out the new materials – brush tip art markers – that we’re using to design these circles, and I was completely blown away. Children were given a color scheme of markers, but otherwise could decide for themselves how they wanted to fill their whole circle. Some of them talked about symmetry (“I started from the middle and went out”), while others were inspired by the colors (“Mine looks like a sunset, the sun at different times in the day”).

Children treated the special markers with care and give each other tips on how to use them gently. They worked with such focus, some children working to fill up one circle for the entire 30 minutes, and were immensely proud of what they created. I can’t wait to see all of their hard work put together in our Omer calendar! It’s so special that these moments creating in community will continue to serve us as we count up to Shavuot! Stay tuned for photos of the finished calendar 🙂

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