Shalom, Purim!

Purim is coming! This week the families of Shalom, Chaverim! (“Welcome, Friends!” for ages 0 – 3 and their grown-ups) began exploring the upcoming Jewish holiday.

Children played with Purim shapes alongside water beads in the sensory bin, and examined Purim pictures on sticky paper on the window. They sculpted play-dough into hamentashen, traditional triangular Purim cookies. They danced, sang, and played percussion instruments while listening to Purim songs.

Some children decorated masks with fancy stickers.

Children explored רַעֲשָׁנִים (ra’ashanim, noisemakers) by making lots of noise!

Children enjoyed snuggling with their grown-up while listening to a Purim story….

and dressing up in fun costumes!

Stay tuned for more Purim fun in the coming weeks!

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