Exploring Shema

Wow – what an exciting beginning to our Winter Theme! This week Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for 3rd-4th grades and “Oak Trees” for 5th grade) began to explore “Shema.”

We began by discovering the Shema in the Torah, in a Mezuzah, and a Siddur (Jewish Prayerbook) – finding similarities and differences and wondering, “What is the shema?”

These children began designing a banner for our space!

On Wednesday and Thursday, children found and helped each other find the Shema in the Torah. It was so exciting to recognize the words, and to wonder about why the letters are written in such a fancy style.

After we found the Shema in the Torah, we went on a quest to find all the Mezuzot in the building. We noticed them on many doorways and that they had a variety of designs.

And… we played games! Hebrew games, juggling games, wax museum!

How nice it is to be together!

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