Becoming Sevivonim

The children in Shalom, Chaverim! (“Welcome, Friends!” for ages 0 – 3 and their grown-ups) were immersed in Chanukah play.

They used Chanukah candles and sevivonim (dreidels) to paint or manipulate play-dough. They explored the textures and shapes of these objects while engaging in sensory play with colorful rice. They placed candles of different sizes and colors into different chanukiot (menorahs). Through dramatic play they created elaborate meals of traditional (and not-so-traditional!) Chanukah foods, or built giant chanukiot out of blocks. And of course, they spun sevivonim!

Some children chose to truly embody the festival by becoming sevivonim! They put on these wearable sevivonim made from cardboard boxes, then they spun, danced, and fell down just like real sevivonim. In addition to being a fun and physical way to end our exploration, as well as the holiday itself, these children enjoyed a unique perspective and experience while interacting with this traditional Chanukah toy.

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