A sweet start to the new year

Shanah tovah u’metukah! (A happy and sweet new year)! I can’t think of a sweeter way to start the new Jewish year than by having children onsite for our FIRST in-person afterschool session since March 2020! One third grader looked around with eyes open wide and called the building, “the new old building.” How sweet to be back after such a long time away!

While we’ve all grown and changed in the last many months, there was something so familiar, something just right about having children back onsite. It was so comfortable to see children sharing a kibud (snack) together, excitedly exploring their new kevutzah (group) spaces, and creating in our yetzirah (art/creativity) studio.

And parents, too! I was delighted to open the door at 5:45pm to see a group of grown-ups happily chatting together as they waited for their children.

My goodness, it’s so sweet to be back! I’m so looking forward to a very sweet year ahead for this beautiful Enrichment Center community.

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