The Small Moments

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of another year of Jewish Enrichment Center. What a beautiful year it’s been!

In previous years when we were together in-person, I took for granted all of the tiny moments of connection that were possible throughout the day–checking in with every child as they entered the building, taking a few minutes to read a story aloud with a child, hearing about ballet recitals and grandparents visiting and new pets. These are the moments that make a community, where children offer each other and us, the educators, an opportunity to see inside their WHOLE selves, and the people they are outside of the classroom. When they let each other in, we can find shared interests and build a kind and safe community.

Online, these small moments don’t happen naturally, so we’ve had to make them. Thankfully, the children know what to do and they’ve led the way in sharing themselves.

This year we’ve had a guitar recital (and ukulele, too, but I don’t have a photo),

met each other’s pets,

lit Chanukah candles together,

and shared our bedrooms, offices, and homes with each other. I am enormously grateful to the children for finding the confidence and willingness to share themselves with me and with each other. What a gift it has been to be connected this year! When we return in-person, I won’t take those small moments of connection for granted again.

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