Prayer and Bikur Cholim (Visiting Sick People)

We’re coming to the final weeks of our Bikur Cholim (Visiting Sick People) theme. Each week I have been moved by the way that children are thinking so deeply about our theme and sharing such empathetic insights. The depth of their ideas speaks not only to the individual children themselves and their amazing brains, but also to the intellectual safety that we’ve built in our community. Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grade), what a year we’ve had!

This week, we introduced doing bikur cholim (visiting the sick) by praying for the sick person’s recovery. We asked Anafim whether they thought praying took away any of the sick person or family’s suffering. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Child 1: If someone hears the prayer, then they know that someone cares about them and then they will feel better… The family of the sick person, it takes away their suffering, too.
  • Child 2: Maybe they (the sick person) will feel more hopeful.
  • Child 3:  Maybe it makes the sick person more confident. Saying that makes them more confident about them getting better. 
  • Child 1:  If you’re rushing around you’re so busy you forget that… you’re taking care of the sick person ‘cause you want them to get better but you’re just doing like everything and you just want to take a break and say a prayer.

What rich ideas children have had this theme! I feel so lucky to learn from them.

Sometimes we have dementors in Anafim!

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