New theme? New theme!

This week, we began our new theme: בִּיקוּר חוֹלִים (bikur cholim – visiting sick people). As we often do, we started by investigating our personal connections to this theme. Simple questions like “have you ever been sick before?” and “what could a visitor do to help a sick person feel better?” helped us open up the range of experiences that the Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st grade) children have had with בִּיקוּר חוֹלִים (bikur cholim – visiting sick people) and start doing the work of adding our own voices to this ancient and ongoing Jewish conversation.

  • “Maybe [the sick person needs] a hug. Because she’s sad and she doesn’t feel good.”
  • “I didn’t feel so well one time. My mommy got some honey and warm water.”
  • “Reading a story to the person [is something a visitor could do to help a sick person] because it can calm you down.”
  • “[Making a card for a sick person might help] because some of the words on the card might make her feel better.”
  • “Someone’s dad broke their leg from climbing on a mountain and falling down and so [my mom] made something to give to him.”

Wow, Nitzanim! From personal experiences to new ideas, you already have so much to share about our new theme!

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