Socially-Distant Pesach (Passover) Puppet Show

How do you make the second pandemic Pesach (Passover) feel fun and creative? With a socially-distant puppet show!

Children who participate in Special Days at the Jewish Enrichment Center enjoy creating a video from a story. Previous examples include The Sabbath Lion, Benjamin of Tudela, The Magic Pomegranate, and the Purim story.

To keep things the same, yet make them different, this time the children turned the Pesach (Passover) story into a puppet show. But how could they do this while remaining socially-distant? With rulers and tubes! The children used fabric, markers, and yarn to decorate various characters. They created Par’oh (Pharaoh)’s palace out of blocks, the Nile River from a large piece of blue fabric, and a burning bush using real sticks and red cellophane.

The children enjoyed creating and performing this fun, creative, socially-distant Pesach (Passover) puppet show. Happy Pesach (Passover) to all who celebrate!

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