Getting Ready for Pesach

There is a lot of excitement about getting ready for Pesach (Passover) in שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten).

On Sunday, we met in person (outside). We brought out our super big seder plate, so we could work on remembering how to say the names of five main items that might be found on the seder plate.

We got to taste (or smell) some foods that might be on a seder plate, or at a seder.

Part of our process was smelling the מָרוֹר (maror– horseradish). We paid attention to the way it made us feel when we smelled it.

One of the children said, “it makes my nose have to blow”.

Another child commented that, “I think that’s why there is something bitter on the seder plate, It’s not nice to force them (the Israelites) to be slaves.”

A sample of מָרוֹר (maror- horseradish).
“It (matzah) tastes like Tacos.”
“It (matzah) feels bumpy.”

We have been hearing Exodus 1-15, the text in the torah that primarily focuses on the Israelites becoming slaves and then being freed.

“This is when they (the Israelites) were building the buildings.”
“This is when the Egyptian hits the Israelite, Moshe killing the Egyptian and Moshe starting to run!”
“I drew when they (the Israelites) were trying to be free (crossing on dry ground between the two sides of water).”

Looking forward to some more seder exploration next week!

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