Purim with the Family Program

 פּוּרִים (Purim) is coming! פּוּרִים (Purim) is a joyful and merry sort of holiday. In the Family Program for 3 – 5 year old children that meets on Tuesday mornings, we began to learn some פּוּרִים (Purim) vocabulary through story, game and songs.

We sang the song Chag Purim and put on our מַסֵּכָוֹת (masechot– masks) and shook our רַעֲשָׁנִים (ra’ashanim – noise makers) when we heard those words in the song.

The מַסֵּכָוֹת (masechot– masks) that the children are using were made with materials sent in our פּוּרִים (Purim) box!

While we were singing, one of the children requested that we sing more פּוּרִים (Purim) songs!

We played a game where we used our hands to show the purim object when someone called it out, like אוזני המן (oznei haman–hamantaschen).

Next time, we’ll be making puppets for the main characters from Megillat Esther (The Book of Esther) and we’ll put on a puppet show of Megillat Esther!

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