Final project time

It’s final project time for our Shehecheyanu theme in Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd).

This week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting 1:1 with every single Anafimer just to chat about their big ideas. What a gift! (Didn’t make for great photos, though.)

I can’t wait for the children to share their projects with you! In the meantime, get a look at some of the kernels of ideas children are sharing. Just, wow.

Child 1: “You’re grateful for being alive and you’re grateful because you do this thing every year. You say Shehecheyanu every year so you’re grateful to be alive that year.”

Child 2: “I’m really interested in why you say Shehecheyanu when you have certain feelings.”

Child 3: “It’s cool that Jews have been saying Shehecheyanu for hundreds of years. It’s kind of like a family tradition but not for the family, kind of for the world. And I like family traditions… it feels comfortable and comforting.”

Child 4: “If you weren’t grateful for anything you wouldn’t have the blessing.”

Child 6: “It’s worth more than just saying thank you. Something’s so good that thank you won’t make you feel like you paid it off enough.”  

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