Shehecheyanu Feelings

This week, Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) started thinking about Shehecheyanu feelings. First we heard one idea to help us figure out when a person might say Shehecheyanu.

 “When I’m having a special experience, like getting something new and useful, or seeing someone I have not seen in a long time and notice I’m having that special experience, there are words we can say, those words are Shehecheyanu.”

We also heard that when those special experiences happen, “The feeling you are feeling inside your body is your Shehecheyanu feeling.”

On Sunday, we did some imagining about how it might feel inside our bodies when we have two kinds of special experiences, “getting something new and useful”, and, “when I see someone I have not seen in a long time”. We listened to music and made makes to show what it feels like inside our bodies for those two kinds of special experiences.

I asked,”Do you have any words you want to say about the marks you made, showing the Shehecheyanu feeling you are feeling inside your body?”

The children did not have to answer, but the answers we got we really awesome because they were so specific and detailed!

It feels like the color of the waves, it feels like I’m floating and like I’m at the top of a high rise building. 

I need to run to run so fast, I feel like I need to run around. I feel happy and the happy turns to into happy energy and it turns into energy to run.

On Wednesday, we complicated our ideas about Shehecheyanu feelings and choosing to say Shehecheyanu, by thinking about different scenarios that were not so clear:

Let’s say you needed a new sweater and thought the one you were going to get was plain navy blue, but grandma gave you one with lots of colors you don’t like, would you say Shehechayanu? 

Child 1: You can still say Shehecheyanu even if it was the wrong one.

Child 2: I think he was a little happy and a little sad, he could still say it [Shehecheyanu].

Let’s say you needed new shoes and your cousin was going to give them to you, but you were mad at them, would you say Shehechayanu?

Child 3: You could take a deep breath and he won’t be mad at him anymore. [So you can say Shehecheyanu].

Child 2: I think he was sad, but could still say Shehecheyanu.

Let’s say you saw someone for the first time it a whole year, would you say Shehechayanu?

They both said Shehecheyanu because they didn’t see each other for a whole year.

Let’s say we get to see each other on zoom every week, but now we get to see each other in person again, would you say Shehecheyanu?

 Yes! [we should say Shehecheyanu].

I am really looking forward to learning how our ideas about Shehechayanu will continue to develop!

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