Safe Celebrations

How do you safely celebrate a child’s birthday in a pod? Here in the School-Day Program at the Jewish Enrichment Center, we have successfully celebrated two birthdays so far this school year, while maintaining cleanliness and social distancing.

We started with a birthday banner that children took turns creating and decorating, with their own markers. One child made a handmade paper birthday crown for the birthday child to wear for the day.

The birthday child chose the music we listened to in between activities and classes. The first child chose the Hamilton soundtrack, while the second chose Johnny Cash.

The children’s families ordered pizzas for lunch, which we enjoyed outside. They also provided cupcakes or cookies that turned our mouths blue! While eating, we shared birthday wishes for the coming year.

The birthday child chose a game or activity. The first child chose Hamilton karaoke, while the second chose climbing trees in the park. One family sent a photo montage of the birthday child through the years.

Children will continue to have birthdays while we are in quarantine, and we will continue to celebrate them safely. Happy birthday to all!

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