Celebration Time!!

Next Sunday is Family Exploration and Celebration! We will celebrate the amazing Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” and “Oak trees” for 4th-5th grade) ideas, questions, and creations from this theme, תֵּבָה (Teyva – “Ark”).

Children holding up pieces of their incredible projects!

I spent this week looking back at all the words children have shared through the theme. Wow, I can see how their ideas about the text have deepened and shifted over the last several weeks.

We are in one of my favorite parts of a theme. It is time to bring each child words they shared from the entire theme and give them space to see the development of their ideas. During this time of reflection some children say, “I don’t think this anymore,” or, “what I actually mean is…,” or, “OH I have another idea!!!!”

We look forward to seeing and celebrating with you at Family Exploration and Celebration!

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