We’re nearing the end of our Teyva (“Ark”) theme, and Anafimers (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grades) are eagerly putting the finishing touches on their final projects. At the end of our session today, it was time to share our progress with each other.

One child, who is writing from the perspective of characters in our text, spoke up and said that she hoped to speak aloud so that I could type for her. She worried she wouldn’t be able to write as fast as her ideas were coming. She then began to speak aloud the inner thoughts of multiple characters who were filled with worry, excitement, and suspicion about being on the ark. Noach’s (Noah’s) wife complains that she is not a zookeeper. The cat compares herself to being stuck in a fishbowl surrounded by water. And Noach’s (Noah’s) son wonders what in the world is going on. Her voice became quite animated as she spoke!

And at the end of many minutes of narration, her peers unmuted themselves, clapped, and said, “Bravo!” What a beautiful and kind show of support for their peer who often doesn’t feel comfortable sharing her ideas.

Children eagerly clamored to be the next to share, and we continued our applause and bravos all around.

Bravo to all of you, Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grades). You deserve a round of applause for showing up each week no matter how tired you are of Zoom, eager to connect with each other, love each other, and support each other.

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