It’s Final Project Time

It’s our favorite time of the theme! Final project time!

We’ve been exploring text from Genesis 6-9 for six weeks, and now children are using collage, watercolor, and drawing to wrestle with their biggest questions and ideas.

Children are so excited to see each other’s progress and share suggestions for how their peers might show their ideas.

Here’s just a taste of what’s we’ve been up to:

Here’s one second grader leaning all the way into the screen to see his peer’s watercolor.

Here’s the beginning of a collage about what it feels like to be stuck on the teyva (ark).

Here’s the beginning of a third grader’s “disapproval” face. She disapproves of Adonai not saying sorry for wiping away the humans and animals.

These watercolors represent feelings of boredom and tiredness being stuck on the teyva (ark) during the flood.

Awesome Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grade)! I can’t wait to see how your ideas deepen as you continue to create and connect with each other.

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