Nov 19

נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) Puppets

In Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten), we have begun working out our final project for our theme,  תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark”). The first thing we did was make a puppet of the character, נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”). As children were adding clothes and facial expressions, I asked some questions about נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”). In response, children shared their ideas about how נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) feels at different points in the text and ideas about what kind of character נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) is.

Here are some highlights!

  • “I gave נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) blue clothes to show that he likes being nice to swimming creatures… I used brown because I think he liked planting. I used more blue because he was nice to the other animals. I used green because he was being nice to the land walking animals.” -Age 4
  • “He is a little disappointed [to be going on to the תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark”)] because he couldn’t have fresh air…” -Age 4
  •  “I think he (נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”)) and the animals are so tired of being in the תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark”)… I think he (נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”)) is happy that he is leaving the תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark“).” -Age 5
  • “He (נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) is happy because the animals are safe. They like taking care of the animals and were feeding them so good. I think they (נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) and his family) like taking care of them (the animals) because they saved them.” -Age 4

One thing that I was struck by, was the way that some children used colors to represent feelings or ideas about נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) as a character.

Kol Hakavod for sharing your ideas about (נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) and listening to the ideas of your peers!

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