Trying out collage

Part of how we help children deepen their questions and ideas about the text is through different kinds of creative exploration. This week in Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st grade), we experimented with a new modality that we will be using for our final projects: collage!

The children came up with all sorts of ways to use paper to create new shapes and textures. We crumpled the paper, which made it look “rocky” and feel “bumpy.” We tore the paper, which gave it a soft edge. The children noticed this soft edge could be like water or like animal fur! They also came up with ideas like making a bunch of tiny cuts along the edge to make it “frayed” and folding or rolling the paper to make an open tube.

The children then created something from the text using their new collage techniques. It’s so exciting to discover new ways of using our materials to show our ideas! What big ideas will Nitzanim show through collage for their final projects? Stay tuned!

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