Small Shabbat Scenes and More

When the children in the School-Day Program at the Jewish Enrichment Center recently gathered for a Special Day (a full day of Jewish enrichment when school is closed), they demonstrated remarkable creativity using autumn leaves and other natural materials to make small Shabbat scenes and more!

We began by checking out this website of amazing, adorable work by an artist from the Czech Republic. Then we went outside (in the rain!) to gather colorful fallen leaves and other natural materials. We brought them back inside, dried them off, and got to work!

This kindergartner used two plastic cups to build a Shabbat table, then propped a third on top as a kiddush (wine) cup (notice how it is the only one that is decorated!).

This is a rabbi addressing a congregation. The child who created this scene used a pine cone to prop up the rabbi, then searched for a small piece of blue and white striped fabric to be the tallit (prayer shawl). The congregation is made up of small pieces of foam that once couched an etrog from the recent Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Shabbat is a day of rest, so this child created a person napping next to silver candlesticks. On the nearby table (made from a leaf) is a kiddush (wine) cup and a burlap challah on a silver platter.

The children spent the rest of the afternoon making the natural materials into bookmarks, cards, and dreamcatchers.

Try making some small Shabbat scenes on your own! Send us pictures of your creations at Have fun and Shabbat Shalom!

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