Making connections

We’re on the cusp of something big in Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grade children). Check out the connections that children are making between our text from Genesis 6-9 and the pandemic:

Child 1:… All day he’s (Noah) feeding the animals, and some need to get fed at night. He’s tired, and he wants to get out [of the ark], but once he gets out he knows that the animals can take care of themselves. 

Morah Sara: I hear you saying that Noah’s feeling tired doing the same thing everyday for so many days. Do you see any connections with the pandemic?

Child 2: Yes I do. Some people are stuck inside their houses, and they’re (Noah, his family, and the animals) stuck inside the boat. 

Child 1: Some people now are stuck in their houses on video calls all day, and they’re like bored sitting there putting their eyes against the screen trying to participate, and they’re too bored staring at screens all day. They (Noah, his family, and the animals) want to get out because they’ve been there for 150 days! 

Child 2: You would always want to get out of there! You’ve been there for so long! {Child 2 imagined a falcon stuck in the same room on the ark}. Being stuck in a room for 150 days is kinda hard.

Morah Sara: Were you stuck in your house for a long time?

Child 2: No. But people in Italy were.  

Child 1: I was really stuck. Our teacher told us this coronavirus thing is starting. Then we had to skip school. Then we’re here now, and it’s so many months away from that [first time our teacher told us about coronavirus], and we’re still on Zoom. People are still stuck looking at their screens all day. 

Stay tuned as we dive deeper and consider personal connections to our Teyva (“Ark”) text.

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